Kai Lee

Kai Lee is a neurologist and somnologist in the USA, who specializes in treating sleep disorders. We uniquely offer treatments that address the underlying causes of sleep problems, not just the symptoms. By addressing the root cause of your sleep issues, we can help you get the most out of your sleep and improve your overall health.

Life in modern society is dynamic and very intense. Career, professional activity, communication with colleagues and relations with relatives and close people require a lot of mental energy. Not without reason the problem of emotional burnout is one of the most widespread.

Often a person does not even realize that he/she needs psychological help and assistance with sleep problems. And unfortunately, many think about the need to replenish energy and solve these problems too late, when a whole bunch of neuroses and phobias have already accumulated, the person suffers from panic attacks and from depression and insomnia.

It is not worth bringing it to this point. On our blog, you can find articles that will tell you how to deal with the most difficult psychological problems and insomnia.