SurgaColl Partners with Sparta to Deliver High-Quality Tissue Regeneration Products, Improve Accessibility and Time-to-Market

Sparta Systems, Inc., the leading provider of quality and regulatory affairs management software is partnering with SurgaColl™ Technologies. SurgaColl has chosen Sparta’s cloud QMS platform, TrackWise Digital, to replace its paper-based quality management system, allowing it to better focus on product quality, market-place accessibility, and bringing products to market more quickly.

According to John Hoare, quality and regulatory affairs manager at SurgaColl, as the company grew and become geographically dispersed, managing quality on paper was no longer feasible. “We needed a cloud platform that was accessible from anywhere and wouldn’t require a heavy investment in IT infrastructure and resources.  With TrackWise Digital we can easily manage and maintain records dating back up to fifteen years per regulations and have a single version of the truth for day-to-day quality and compliance operations.” said Hoare.

“Additionally, I found TrackWise Digital was the most intuitive and easy-to-use solution on the market. It takes little time to onboard employees on the system. Its modular and scalable approach allows us to first focus on mandatory capabilities like document management and training, and eventually expand to non-conformance reports (NCR) and corrective and preventive action (CAPA). While we haven’t had any complaints yet, having the complaint handling capability available on the same platform gives us confidence that the system can meet our company’s future needs,” added Hoare.

Hoare also noted TrackWise Digital’s powerful reporting capabilities for providing quick and easy access to data, allowing them to more easily spot trends and outliers, and make critical business decisions. “Another point of differentiation for TrackWise Digital is the high regard Sparta is held in among leading life sciences companies and accompanying customer service. They took the time to come meet with us in-person and understand the problems we needed to solve, and we know we can trust Sparta to be there at crucial moments,” said Hoare.

Dr. Bill Allan, CEO of SurgaColl, also weighed-in on the importance of the Sparta and SurgaColl relationship and said “by partnering with Sparta and adopting TrackWise Digital, our team will be able to work more efficiently, and turn our attention toward driving improvements in research and development and manufacturing. Moreover, our patients will be the true beneficiaries of this partnership, as it will allow us to concentrate on product quality and safety, improving access, and faster time-to-market”.