Orthobiologics is the fastest growing segment of the global orthopedics market, focusing on the use of naturally-derived products to regenerate human tissue, including bone and cartilage. SurgaColl™ Technologies Ltd. has been established to commercialise a range of exciting regenerative technologies developed by the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) addressing this multi-billon Euro market.

Worldwide, it is estimated that autografts and allografts are incorporated in approximately 2.2 million orthopedic procedures annually (Advanced Orthobiologics Market: an outlook, Frost & Sullivan 2009). There is a growing move internationally towards the use of synthetic materials rather than traditional autografts and allografts due to the overwhelming demand for bone and cartilage graft material.

Comprehensive steps have been taken to protect the intellectual property associated with the technologies. Pre-clinical evaluations have been highly successful and carried out in accordance with regulatory best practice, enabling rapid market launch.

Through successful exploitation of the RCSI technologies, SurgaColl™ plans to become a leading provider of tissue regeneration therapies for the repair of bone, cartilage and other human tissue.