Product Overview

ChondroColl™ is a biomimetic, bioactive layered scaffold for use in the regeneration and repair of osteochondral defects (cartilage repair), such as those which occur due to trauma or osteoarthritis. ChondroColl™ closely matches the structure and composition of osteochondral tissue.

The scaffold is a highly porous collagen-based construct comprised of a number of distinct but seamlessly integrated layers, designed to closely mimic physiological osteochondral tissue in terms of both composition and structure. Each of the individual layers has a composition tailored to mimic the native tissue with a gradient pore/fibre structure modelled on the superficial to deep zones of articular cartilage and underlying subchondral bone.

This resorbable cartilage graft substitute, with proven in vitro and pre-clinical performance, offers an exciting early intervention option to orthopaedic surgeons in the treatment of damaged articular cartilage and may offer the potential to delay the need for full joint replacement.

Feature Benefit
Scaffold structure and composition which mimics that of articular cartilage Promotes rapid healing by facilitating cell migration and natural cartilage re-growth
Stimulates an osteochondral repair response from surrounding tissue and bone without the need for additional biological agents (e.g. stem cells, growth factors, genes etc) Product launch and regulatory approval process is shorter and less costly than other regenerative medicine techniques.
Seamless layer integration Negates requirement for additional material (e.g. glue) which can adversely affect cellular response
Homogenous pore structure Allows optimal cellular attachment and proliferation
High porosity This allows maximum cell infiltration
Controllable biodegradation Facilitates degradation of material in line with natural healing
Individually controllable scaffold layer properties Complicated composition of different anatomical osteochondral tissue can be replicated

ChondroColl™ – How It works

ChondroColl™ is an extremely innovative technology that builds on the success of the HydroxyColl™ design ethos i.e. tissue healing and regeneration requires scaffolds that mimic the characteristics of the developing extracellular matrix rather than the final, fully developed tissue. It is believed that to repair a tissue as structurally complex as cartilage and osteochondral tissues, which are seamlessly integrated with each other in healthy and naturally occurring tissue, only a technology that actively supports and promotes this seamless integration of healed tissue will produce high quality tissue that is sustainable in the long term. To achieve this goal, ChondroColl™ uses a biomimetic design to mimic the physiological composition of the tissues within an osteochondral defect, encouraging rapid regeneration of natural bone and cartilage tissue.

ChondroColl™ offers a gradient composition and structure consisting of three distinct but seamlessly integrated layers. The open porous nature of these integrated layers actively encourages cellular migration and proliferation throughout the entire construct, ensuring that cells within the scaffold stay healthy and viable within the implanted device. Each layer is custom tailored to actively encourage the production of distinct tissues, which mimic the composition and architecture of the native tissues.

Cartilage layer

The cartilage layer is composed of type 1 and type 2 collagen, in combination with a chondrogenic glycosaminoglycan (GAG) component. In both in vitro and pre-clinical experiments, this layer has shown the potential to support and promote the development of early-stage hyaline like cartilage.

Calcified cartilage layer (tidemark)

The calcified cartilage layer is composed of type 1 and type 2 collagen, in combination with a chondrogenic glycosaminoglycan (GAG) component and an osteogenic component, that promote the development of a partially mineralised cartilage layer, similar to that found in healthy tissue. This layer plays a critical role in the long-term regenerative potential of the device, providing a mechanical interface between the soft, newly formed cartilage and the stiff underlying subchondral bone. This ensures a strong bond, improving the regenerated tissues’ ability to withstand joint motion and loading.

Bone layer

Building on the success of the HydroxyColl™ technology (collagen type 1 and hydroxyapatite), we have incorporated HydroxyColl™ as the bone regenerative layer, using our innovative layering technology to seamlessly fuse all three layers together.

The resulting combination of all 3 layers is a potent, biocompatible and extremely bioactive technology for the regeneration of bone and cartilage when implanted into osteochondral defects. ChondroColl™ is an “off the shelf” device that is implanted cell-free and encourages infiltration of local regenerative host cells. The biomimetic structure and composition encourages rapid development of new bone and cartilaginous matrix, within each respective layer, resulting in natural and healthy tissue within the defect. The result is complete and seamless healing with new and healthy, fully functioning tissue, naturally.